Why is China helping Masood Azhar
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Why is China helping Masood Azhar ??!!

This the fourth time when China is blocking or putting a technical hold to the proposal for declaring Jaish-e Mohammad Chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

Why is China helping Masood Azhar
Why is China helping Masood Azhar


Why is China helping Masood Azhar and being the ‘Iron brother‘ of Pakistan for repeatedly helping Jaish-e Mohammad Chief Masood Azhar from being declared a global terrorist who are responsible for almost all the terrorist attacks recently. He was also convicted for the incident in Jammu & Kashmir on 14th Nov 2019. Yet China ignored the proposal and clamped down on cross border terrorism.

Why is China helping Masood Azhar
Why is China helping Masood Azhar

This news threw a huge set back to the Nation and it people as all were waiting for justice for all those innocent lives as well our brave soldiers who died while protecting the country. Even United Nations and other countries are supporting for this declaration as then the Masood Azhar would not be able to buys arms and mass destructive weaponry and even Pakistan could not help saving him. This was the 4th time even after all the efforts to proscribe the Pulwama mastermind under the 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions committee of the UNSC (UN Security Council). Right after the completion of the no objection period on 13th Mar 2019, couldn’t able to come to a decision for listing Mohammad Masood Azhar Alvi as a global terrorist due to on account of a member (China) putting the proposal at hold due to the reasons for less evidence.

The Indian Govt stated that even after all the efforts and this major setback, they wont give up and use all means possible to avenge the deaths of all those people and their families who got obliterated in those attacks and promised to at least give them justice stated by the MEA (Ministry Of External Affairs). They also stated Why is China helping Masood Azhar ?!! That only time will tell .

Why is China helping Masood Azhar
Why is China helping Masood Azhar

France was the first to initiate the proposal of listing Masood Azhar as a global terrorist later backed by US, UK, Russia as well as both the permanent and non-members of the UNSC also decided to support the proposal along with Bangladesh, Germany, Poland, Italy, Australia, Belgium as well Japan supported the cause and became the cosponsors of the proposal. Russia even tried its best to convince Beijing to join the cause.

Facts About Mohammad Masood Azhar

Why is China helping Masood Azhar
Why is China helping Masood Azhar

Azhar founded JEM (Jaish-e Mohammad) way back in 1999. Azhar was the former leader of the terrorist group Harakat-UL-Mujahidin, aka Harakat-ul-Ansar. He financially supported JEM since from its foundation. According to the evidence provided by the P-3, It was stated that in 2008 JEM recruitment posters contained a call from Azhar to gather more volunteers to join in the fight in Afghanistan against Western forces. Being an all time ally of Pakistan, China a permanent veto-wielding member of the UNSC discriminated all previous attempts in 2009, 2016, 2017 & on 14th Mar 2019 which was the terrible disappointed expressed by the MEA (Ministry Of External Affairs).

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