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Terrorists killed in IAF Strike??!!

Terrorists killed by IAF Surgical Strike. Pakistan responded and lost one F-16 Fighter jet in the process.

Terrorists killed in IAF was one the surgical strikes just to prove a point to Pakistan. That India will not keep quite and will take all the required actions . To keeps its people safe from any foreign threats.

After the successful air strike carried by the the Indian Air Force(IAF) on the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist camp. On 26 th Feb breaching the PAK’s Air Defense. Killing a huge number of terrorists and instructors and returning without any casualties was a big success for India.

pakistan-f-16-n-Terrorists killed in IAF
Terrorists killed in IAF

It is said that India got an Intelligence report that the JEM(Jaish-e-Muhammed) camp was getting prepared for attack. Hence this strike was meant to show Pakistan what Indian Air force is capable of.

After the successful strike, Pakistan Govt told the media that it was a false claim. Pakistan warned and threatened India to be prepared for their surprise.

Border-Patrol-India-is-ready-Terrorists killed in IAF
Terrorists killed in IAF

On 27th Feb Pakistan AF send jets along with heavy firing across the LOC in Rahouri and Ponch districts. But Indian defenses were more than prepared. When PAK’s F 16s violated the Indian airspace, the IAF forced the PAF to retreat.

A parachute was seen of the destroyed jet but the current whereabout of the status of that pilot is unknown.

High-alert-after-IAF-strike-Punjab-Border-Terrorists killed in IAF
Terrorists killed in IAF

Mohammad Faisal, Pakistan’s MoFA spokesperson said that the whole purpose of their air-strike was to let India know of their power and capability. Pakistan Army also claims to shot down 2 IAF jets and also arrested the pilot

mirage-new-2-Terrorists killed in IAF
Terrorists killed in IAF

After air-strike by the Pakistan’s AF and shooting down 2 Indian choppers was a response by the PAK AF. Pakistan Army said that they do not want to go to war with India. They want to deal with it professionally.

They also claimed that they want to talk with India to solve this daily dispute. Of the two countries and said nothing can be achieved by War. Rather it will only affect the people who are living in peace. Only time will tell if this sudden change in behavior is legit or just a drama for something big.

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