Pakistani military drone shot down

Pakistani military drone shot down??!!

Pakistani military drone shot down which was their 3rd attempt to penetrate Indian airspace.

Pakistani military drone shot down. Know the full story:

Pakistani military drone shot down
Pakistani military drone shot down


Pakistani military drone shot down after the February Air strike in Pakistan, the Pak kept trying to penetrate Indian defenses by sending drones but all were shot down way before they could do anything.

This was the 3rd unsuccessful attempt for sending a spy drone into Indian territory. But they regret every time as our Indian Air Defense is always alerted and prepared.

At Feb 27 the first drone was shot down by the IAF near Indo-Pakistan border in Kutch at Gujrat.

Pakistani military drone shot down
Pakistani military drone shot down

On 4th Mar the second drone was shot down in Bikaner sector using air-to-air missile inside the Indo-Pak border. The drone was shot down by an air-to-air missile from one of the Sukhoi-30 aircraft.

It was the third unsuccessful attempt by Pakistan to send a spy drone inside India since the February 26 air strike.

Later yesterday 9th Mar another Spy drone was engaged by the IAF and shot down when the (UAV) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle tried to penetrate Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar sector at 7:30 pm.

The Indian Army added ” The drone was engaged and brought down

Pakistani military drone shot down
Pakistani military drone shot down

This time Pakistan was trying to duplicate Indian strategy by sending drone at night. But they didn’t expect that India is always one step ahead and the Indian air patrol immediately tracked the drone and shot it down.

All these tension between the two countries grew a lot after the 26th Feb air strike on a terrorist training camp in Balakot and a subsequent retaliation was seen by Islamabad due to the downing of the drone later yesterday.

A drone also known as UAV is basically a fighter jet with all its perks but it doesnot need any pilot on board to operate. So it is also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It can be operated from a huge distance and is mainly used for surveilance. Buy if required it can also be used to destroy air aswell as ground targets with its advanced avionics and tracking system. Hence Indian IAF didn’t take any chance and shot all of them down as fast as they possible could.

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