Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

Mumbai bridge collapse 2019!! CM orders for Detailed Inquiry.

Another tragic news for the people in India as a part of one of the ROB (Road Over Bridge) of a Mumbai bridge collapse 2019 taking 6 lives and leaving 31 others badly injured. It was around 7:30 pm on Thursday 14-03-19 where a large portion of the bridge fell on Dr DN Road resulting high traffic on JJ flyover during peak hour.

2nd Mumbai bridge collapse 2019!! Two tragic accidents in the same year. How much more Lenient will be our Govt? and how many more people have to die and how many more families have to suffer for others carelessness??!! Read the full story to find out.

Mumbai bridge collapse 2019
Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

Live Updates of the Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

A total of 6 people were killed in this horrible accident and over 31 injured shocked the Country as it was the second such accident due to bridge collapse. This time the tragic happened a foot over bridge that was connecting the North-end of the Mumbai’s Nodal Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) railway station to BT Lane near Anzuman Islam School. The two people among the six dead people who died in the tragic accident got identified by the Mumbai Police as Ranjan Tambe and Apoorva Prabhu who were taken in GT Hospital.

Mumbai bridge collapse 2019
Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

What the Police Had to say about the Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

The officials said that due to the incident of the Mumbai bridge collapse in 2019 happened around 7:30 pm making a huge distress and affecting traffic as it was the peak time of the day. They also stated that this was the second big accident that struck in last year where the Andheri’s G K Gokhale Road over bridge collapsed and killed two people and many injured.

It was also stated by the police that recently the structural audit was done for the broken bridge which is maintained by the Brihamumbai Municipal Corporation. The result said a completely different story. The audit report said that the bridge only need some minor repairs. This was quite shocking and a fully detailed investigation has been proposed.

Mumbai Police is going to register the accident under IPC Section 304 (A) (causing death due to negligence), said by the (zone 1) DCP Abhishek Trimukhe.

What the Chief Minister has to say about the Mumbai bridge collapse 2019??

Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis after watching the injured of the foot over bridge collapse incident said that “there are around 10 injured admitted in the ward, one in ICU and all out of danger now. A high-level inquiry will be done to probe into the matter. FIR has been lodged.” An Ex Gratia of Rs 5 Lakh will be given to the families of the deceased and an amount of Rs 50,000 will be given to all the injured as a caution money for the tragic accident quoted by CM Fadnavis.

Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

“It is shocking that such an accident can take place even after a structural audit. Primary responsibility will be fixed by this evening. I have asked civic chief (Ajoy Mehta)to find out the names of those responsible,” Fadnavis said. He also assured that the culprit will be punished and justice will be given to those families. Hence a high level inquiry will be held.

It is the Second such accident of two major bridge collapse in Mumbai in the same year. The foot bridge connecting platform 1 of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) railway station with BT Lane collapsed.

Last year July a part of a 47 year old ROB (Road Over Bridge) across the railway line at Andheri collapsed on the tracks between Andheri and Vile Parle stations on the Western Railway’s again killing 2 people in the process.

According to the yearly audit report conducted by the Govt, it was said that the ROB was among 8 such bridges which need immediate repairs. Just for the carelessness, the people has to suffer said by the CM.

Mumbai bridge collapse 2019
Mumbai bridge collapse 2019


According to me the Government shouldn’t really be so lenient and take this accidents into consideration and start taking immediate steps to properly maintain these old structures which needs maintenance and should appoint much strict, committed and serious engineers and auditors who needs to check these structures more often so that there be no such accidents ever again. These accidents may look not that fatal as only 2 or 6 people died and providing money to the deceased is not enough if you compare to the pain and suffering caused to those families while you and me reading these news at home and saying that thank god none of our friends or families and relatives are affected. The Govt should put them into the shoes of the families of the deceased and consider them as their own and then take the required actions against those who are responsible to at least honor those who died and got affected without any reason.

Mumbai bridge collapse 2019
Mumbai bridge collapse 2019

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