Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India

Mission Shakti: Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India

On Wednesday a Low Earth Orbit satellite was successfully destroyed by India and earned its place among the Elite Club of Space Powers.

Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India


  1. On Wednesday India destroyed a Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellite.
  2. India is now the 4th country who have carried this kind of mission succesfully after USA, Russia & China.

News on the development of Mission Shakti (Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India)

Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India

India on Wednesday 27-03-19 achieved and scored a new place on the elite club of space powers after the US, Russia & China by destroying an LEO or Low Earth Orbiting satellite using an anti-satellite missile or A-SAT missile. This achievement is quite remarkable as only a handful of countries have achieved it and India is one of them stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India again proved everyone with their capability. The mission was a huge success and commended for what he called “Mission Shakti“. It was one of the Deep Space missions and within a few minutes of the launch of the A-SAT missile, the targetted live satellite was destroyed from the face of the Earth. Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India PM Narendra Modi also stated that this attack was not directed to threaten any other country and was purely a non-violent mission.

A word from our Prime Minister on the success of “Mission Shakti”

Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India

This mission was led by the Defense Research and Development Organization or (DRDO) was aimed to strengthen the nations overall security right before the start of the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. The mission was very complex as it was dealing with extreme speed and precision as the targetted satellite was around 300kms away hence it was one of the key factors for the success of “Mission Shakti”. So it is quite a remarkable and commendable job performed by our great engineers and scientists who helped for the Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India. The Prime Minister also stated that the motive of this mission was not against any countries nor to threaten them but to only show the capability of our great Nation to those who constantly keep underestimating us. He also stated that India did not breach any International Laws or Treaties nor they wish to in the coming future.

Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India

The Development on the Success of “Mission Shakti”

Huge anticipation was built when PM Narendra Modi tweeted at around11:45 Am – 12:00 PM that he would address the nation with an “important message”.

The Prime Minister said that “Mission Shakti” was an important step towards securing India’s safety, economic growth and technological advancement which no other country has performed so far and so quickly.

He said that the A-SAT missile shot down the LEO satellite just within 3 mins from launch which is quite remarkable as the satellite was orbiting 300 KMS away but still managed to hit it with full precision.

Hence this is indeed a big moment and achievement for the nation which everyone should be proud of that we are not just capable to defend ourselves on air, water and land but now space as well.

Also Watch the full Press Conference on (Low Earth Orbit satellite successfully destroyed by India)

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