Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?
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Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 Winner!!

Rohit Shetty geared up for announcing the grand finale of the Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner

All the fans were excited to see who takes the trophy home of the Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ? There were six finalist : Bharti Singh, Aditya Naryan, Punit Pathak, Riddhima Pandit, Aly Goni, Shamita Shetty.

Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?
Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?

Akshay Kumar will be performing a few stunts with Rohit Shetty in the grand finale with many dance performances which is a must watch for all the fans out there. As this show is at its final, it will be replaced by Rising Star the singing reality show which will go live from the coming weekend.

A short voting was made for the fans who were out there in the Grand Finale about the most worthy winner and the trophy holder. Punit single handedly won half of the majority as the performance he delivered was really phenomenal. Even Aditya told that for the 5-6 weeks, Punit gave the best performance among all the competitors and gathered many supporters. Even when Punit had a chance to eliminate Aditya by under performing on his behalf because of his injuries. He performed really well and earned Aditya’s respect for him. This shows how genuine and humble Punit is and maybe this is the reason majority of the fans supported him.

At 9:15 pm: Bharti Singh started making the audience laugh by mocking Rohit Shetty and others. Rohit then thanks the audience for making Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 super hit once again. Aditya Narayan then took over and started promoting his Show the Rising Star. He even performed the finale task with other finalists and completing the task.

Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?

At 9.30 pm: Aly Goni goes next but is unable to complete the task. He breaks down as he gets a cramp while other finalists try to cheer him up. But he gets up again and tries to complete the task but then aborts the task. Though she follows the instructions properly, she ends up aborting the task as well. Rohit announces that Aly is out of the grand finale race and that Punit and Shamita will now have to compete against each other. Before the task begins, Rohit asks contestants to take a lie detector test where they will have to break an egg on their forehead if they lie.

At 9:50 pm: After completing the finale task, Rohit Shetty announced that Aditya, Punit & Riddhima are the top 3 finalists. Punit was again the best and even defeated Shamita who was out performed.

At 10:05 pm: Akshay Kumar performed a few stunts to meet the Finalists and even introduced the contestants of the Rising Star. He then shared his memory of him hosting the show 10 years back to the audience.

Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?
Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?

At 10:15 pm: Akshay then asks the top 3 finalists to perform the Kesari challenge and played videos of fans accepting and performing the challenge promoting his upcoming movie “Kesari”. Akshay then gave Shankar Mahadevan a challenge and happily accepted and sung Breathless on demand of everyone.

At 10:35 pm: Bharti again took over and introduced everyone to her new show Khatra Khatra Khatra. A task of walking through a box of water snakes and singing “Dil Diya Gallan” and taking his leave from the show. Soon Rohit Shetty took the audience to Argentina through a live video where the final task will be performed to decide the Winner of the show.

Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?
Khatron ke khiladi 9 winner ?

At 11:05 pm: Rohit explains the instruction and rules for the final tasks which includes land, air & water making it one of the toughest tasks of the entire season. Punit was asked to go first following Riddhima and Aditya.

All the three participants completed the task while getting stuck but eventually completing it with determination and support . Rohit then announces that Punit and Aditya moved on by defeating Riddhima and qualifying to the Top 2 position.

At 11:45 pm: Rohit calls the Top 2 finalists on stage and other dignitaries on stage to announce the winner. The crowd was eagerly waiting for the results as well as the finalists. Soon Rohit calls out Punit’s name as declared him the winner and the crowd went crazy after his winning. He then received the trophy and said a few words on his achievement.

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