Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express Derailed

Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express Derailed

It has only been 4 months to the year 2019 still, it has proven to be one of the most tragic years of the decade. Accidents & tragedies have become one of the common factors and terms in the daily newspapers, TVs, radios & the Internet. Nowadays as every now and then we tend to hear about some tragedies and accidents taking place. In all of this, one thing is remains common i.e, people losing lives or getting injured. But in this case, I am relieved to say that even though a terrible accident occurred on Saturday (today) April 20th, no one got killed which was nothing but a miracle. Today (Saturday) Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express Derailed near Kanpur.

Poorva Express Train derailed

Poorva Express Derail-5

Railway officials saying that around 12:50 AM on Saturday, 12 coaches of the Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express Derailed near Rooma village which is around 15 kilometers away from Kanpur. It is being said by the officials that out of the 12 coaches of the train that derailed, no one till now is believed to have lost their lives which is nothing but a miracle as a disaster like these always leaves a huge list of dead and injured.

But all thanks to God, only 15 people were injured and were rushed to the nearby hospitals for treatment. Around 15 ambulances were on the spot of the disaster along with a 45 member team of the National Disaster Response Force was also present along with local cops and district magistrate, senior superintendent of police and other senior officials were supervising the rescue.

The coaches from the Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express which got Derailed was S8, S9, B1-B5, A1, A2, HA1, pantry car and an SLR (seating cum luggage rake), which was according to the statement issued by the Indian railway officials.

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The Railway authorities also said that they are arranging a special train for those passengers whose ride didn’t complete and instead had to go through a crash. Buses are also being arranged to take passengers to the Kanpur Central.

Smita Vats Sharma (Indian Railways spokesperson) told ANI (Asian News International) that an Accident Relief Train along with proper medical equipment has been sent to the accident site to help the affected.

Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express Derailed

Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has also instructed to provide all possible help to the affected passengers as well as proper medical treatment.

Due to the derailment, the route has been affected. Hence trains using that route will be suspended until the route is clear and safe for use. Hence all long-distance trains running from Howrah to New Delhi had been delayed.

Helpline numbers have been issued by the railway for further assistance of the passengers of the Howrah to New Delhi train Poorva Express as well as for the families and relatives of the affected to contact for their information.

Helpline Numbers:

1072, 9454403738, 9454401463, 9454401075, 9454400384 and 0512-23333111/112/113. 

Watch the video of the derailed Poorva Express

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