Everything You Need To Know about Cyclone Fani

Everything You Need To Know about Cyclone Fani

Everything You Need To Know about Cyclone Fani

Things you need to know about cyclone Fani

Here we have listed all the essential points and facts and Everything You Need To Know about Cyclone Fani. Cyclone Fani which turned to be a massive cyclonic storm on Monday evening has now changed its course and is heading towards the coast of Odhisa. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the storm can even intensify to a far more and a severe cyclone by Wednesday with a wind speed of 175-185 kmph and can even reach an outrageous speed of around 205 kmph.

Cyclone Warning Issued Odhisa Government


A cyclone warning was issued for the south-east and adjoining south-west Bay of Bengal. But the cyclone has now changed its route and is heading towards Northwest with a current speed of 22 kmph just within the last couple of hours. It is about 800 km south of Odhisa (Puri) and about 620 km south-east of Andhra Pradesh (Vishakhapatnam) and around 650 km north-east of Sri Lanka (Trincomalee). According to the Indian Meteorological Department that within the next 12 hours the cyclone is gonna further intensify and take the shape of a massive and an extremely Severe Cyclone Storm.

Estimated Path of the Cyclone Fani

We all know that there is no set of rules or parameters that is followed by mother nature. But according to the Weather Department we can consider the course of the cyclone using expensive equipments and super computers to analyze the data with all the brilliant scientists that we have on our disposal. Hence according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the current path of the super cyclone Fani is: Till 1st May evening the cyclone will move northwestwards but then change its path and re curve towards Odhisa Coast between Gopalpur and Chandbali, towards the South of Puri around 3rd May afternoon with an estimated speed of 175-185 kmph and may even reach 205 kmph mark.

Indian Navy on High Alert


Due to the Warning provided by the Indian Meteorological Department about the cyclone Fani, the Indian Naval Forces are on high alert and have already deployed many Naval vessels near the targeted places of the cyclone (Odhisa, Andhra Pradesh). ENC or the Eastern Naval Command is to prepare for necessary humanitarian assistance along with additional Doctors, Divers, inflatable rubber boats and other relief materials like tents, medicines, food and blankets for the worst case scenario. The disaster management teams as well as the National Disaster Response Team are also kept as standby for help and to perform rescue operations. Many cyclone shelters have also been built for people to take shelter when the cyclone Fani makes landfall.

Top 5 Highlights of Cyclone Fani

#1 The name Fani was suggested by Bangladesh which means “the hook of a snake”. It is also pronounced as “Foni“.

#2 879 multipurpose cyclone shelters have been kept ready by Odhisa which can accommodate around 1 million people during the cyclone and floods.

#3 During the cyclone, the sea is likely to be very rough along Tamil Nadu, Puducherry & Andhra Pradesh coasts till Wednesday.

#4 Due to the on coming Cyclone Fari, the Govt of Odhisa has canceled all the leaves imposed by its employees in the three coastal districts of Ganjam, Kendrapara & Puri just to make sure that the state is fully prepared to deal with the cyclone Fari.

#5 Due to the Cyclone Fari, the BrahMos Aerospace and the Indian Air Force have put on hold of the test fire of the air-launched version of the supersonic cruise missiles from a Sukhoi-30 aircraft which was scheduled for testing in this week.

Warnings Issued for the Cyclone Fani

Everything You Need To Know about Cyclone Fani

Here are some of the warnings that have been issued by the Odhisa Government for the upcoming Cyclone Fani :

>> Heavy Rainfall Warning

>> Wind Warning

>> Severe Sea Condition Warning

>> Storm Surge Warning

>> Fisherman Warning

>> Flood Warning

Let us pray that we overcome this hurdle thrown by mother nature together and help each other out without any discriminations as we all are humans and we all have the right and the chance to live. I hope that we overcome this upcoming cyclone without any death tolls and with as minimum in loss of property as possible. So after reading Everything You Need To Know about Cyclone Fani, i am certain that you know all the necessary facts and highlights about this massive cyclone Fani. So please share this to all your friends and families to spread this message and awareness.

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