Bad News for Tik Tok lovers

Bad News for Tik Tok lovers!

Tik Tok which is one of the most popular social media platforms which is also one of the fastest growing communities especially in India. The application was designed by a Chinese company whose main targeted audience was India as the application offered its users with many unique features. Users can upload videos with lots of filters and inbuilt special effects. they can also upload voice, pictures and text like a lot other p[platforms. The application was the best platform known for viral videos. Because of these features, more than 240 million users have already downloaded the application from the App Store and the Play Store. But there is bad news for Tik Tok lovers!

Bad News for Tik Tok lovers
Bad News for Tik Tok lovers

The company had good ideas and around 250 employees in India itself and were planning to make something more interesting and unique with a huge investment. But it looks like that wish will just remain as a dream as the Supreme Court of India has something in its sleeve that will break the hearts of the developers of the application as well as the millions of users who were just in love with it.

The reason behind the Ban of Tik Tok ?

According to many politicians as well as IT expert, saying that the application encouraged pornography and made child users vulnerable of the sexual predators as a huge majority of the Tik Tok users were not adults or below 18 years. This became a huge conflict for the parents with their child as they were like magnets to the application. Hence on April 3, 2019, a state court of the Southern Tamil Nadu asked the Federal Government to ban the application due to these reasons. On this ban, the Bytedance Technology which is the owner of the viral video application Tik Tok challenged the decision of the court and appealed to suspend the ban.

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Bad News for Tik Tok lovers!

According to the company, they said that they don’t indulge any illegal or in this case pornographic contents in their application and are integrating some updates just to avoid these complications. They also said that only a minor amount of the total users of the application was misleading and inappropriate for the minors of our country. Hence it is completely unfair for such a promising and a big company like this to get banned on one of its biggest targeted audiences is nothing but a set back for the company.

Bad News For Tik Tok lovers !!

The court in southern Tamil Nadu state refused a request by China’s Bytedance Technology to suspend a ban on its TikTok app and send a letter to Google and Apple to immediately take action against one of the leading social media platforms and viral video and meme platforms to be immediately removed by the Play Store and the App Store. Hence none of the companies had any choice but to agree on the terms offered by the court and took the necessary steps.

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Bad News for Tik Tok lovers!

It is said that the application hit the Indian market like fire and was indeed the fastest growing platform where the users can create short videos with special effects to create funny videos and memes. According to the Application Analytics firm Sensor Tower, the application was downloaded more than 240 million times in India itself. More than 30 million users in India downloaded the application in January 2019, which is 12 times more than the same month last year.

The Future Of the Viral Video application Tik Tok

After the rejection on the hold of the ban by the supreme court, the state court has asked the Bytedance Company for written submission in the case and has scheduled its next hearing for April 24. till then the application will be banned in the country on both App and Play stores.

Bad News for Tik Tok lovers!

A technology lawyer at TechLegis Advocates & Solicitors, Salman Waris said that legal action against Bytedance could set a precedent of Indian courts interfering to regulate all the inappropriate content on social media and all other digital platforms. Hence it is really bad news for Tik Tok lovers who loved making news funny and viral videos.

Watch about the Ban of the Viral Video Star Tik Tok

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