adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight

World Sleep Day: Can adequate Sleep Lose Weight?!

The major motive of the World Sleep Day is to make more and more people know about the importance of a healthy sleep and how adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight!

adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight

How adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight ?!!


1.The World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on the 15th March.

2. According to research, it is recommended that an individual should have a minimum of 6 hours of sleep a day.

3. Having sleep deprivation can also lead to weight gain and many other problems in a body.

adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight

Healthy Sleep = Healthy Aging

As we know that the World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of March and each year there is a new theme which gets the people motivated for the benefits of a proper sleep. The theme of 2019 is “Healthy Sleep = Healthy Aging”. This statement has been already proven by doctors and does play an important role in everyones’ life if properly executed. The main motive of the World Sleep Day is to spread awareness about the pros and cons of a healthy sleep and what will happen is neglected. This is an Internationally recognized event for awareness which brings many patients, doctors, researchers as well as health providers to understand the importance of adequate sleep. If neglected, chronic medical conditions like heart diseases, heart stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and many other diseases. Hence it is recommended to everyone that they should get at least 6 hours of sleep a day. It is should also be taken into consideration that sleeping more than 9 hours a day can also lead to diseases like obesity or weight gain as well as make you lethargic or laziness and many more. So we should balance the time of our sleep and diet to maximize our health for a better and disease free future.

adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight

Does adequate sleep helps to lose weight?

Yes, adequate sleep plays an important role for people trying to lose weight. There are many people who only gives importance to proper exercise and diet for losing weight. But this year the World Sleep Day is spreading the news theme “Healthy Sleep = Healthy Aging” to let people know the benefits of proper sleep and how it can be beneficial for a healthy living and how it can help for weight management and why people should also give importance to the amount of sleep along with diet and exercise. It is said that “when sleep goes down, weight goes up”. There are many other factors for weight gain, like genetics, diet and exercise habits, stress levels and other health problems.

adequate Sleep Help Lose Weight

What actually happens for people who are sleep deprived ?

It is most often seen that the people who have deprived sleep, have an increase in their appetite. This due to the release of two different hunger hormones in our body.

Ghrelin” is a hormone which is released to the stomach which signals the brain for hunger. It also reduces the metabolism and also increases the fat storage. Generally these levels are high before eating and less after eating or when the stomach is full.

Leptin” is the hormone which is released from the fat cells from the body. This hormone suppresses the hunger and sends a signal to the brain of the feeling of fullness. So if the body produces less Leptin, The stomach will feel more empty and less satisfying a meal is hence making the person overeat on his/her next meal.


Hence if a person is having less than 6 hours of sleep, it will reduce the Leptin and stimulate more Ghrelin which will make that person feel more hungry but less satisfied at the same time. As a result increasing your appetite hence increasing fat in the body. The brain is seen to function differently if the person has deprived sleep and makes it difficult to resist tempting foods like street foods, junk foods, oily and unhygienic food.

So everyone should try to at least get 6 to 8 hours of sleep in order for the proper functioning of the body as well as lose weight in the process. Its like hitting to targets with one stone. Hence a Win-Win situation.

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