6.5 Magnitude Earthquake hits Philippines

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake hits Philippines

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake hits Philippines

It is sad to say but 2019 has really become one of the worst years in terms of problems, accidents, terror attacks, Disasters and much more. It has become a ritual to read tragic news of people dying, facing problems, getting caught in terrible disasters, suicide bombings and terrorist attacks on a daily basis. Similarly, this article is no exception. As from the title, it is pretty clear that another disaster struck the world making it another news on many front pages of many newspapers around the world especially the victim country which in this case being Philippines as a 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake hits Philippines


>> A powerful 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Central Philippines in Tuesday (23rd April 2019).

>> The 6.5 magnitude quake hits the day after the 6.1 magnitude which was on Monday (22nd April 2019) killing at least 11 people.

>> The epicenter of the earthquake of Tuesday was near San Julian town, Eastern Samar province and forced the nearby residents to bug out from their homes and office workers to safety.

Do not underestimate the power of Mother Nature

Philippines is one of the worlds most disaster prone countries as it lies in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” which is an active arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin. Hence volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are one of the common phenomenons in the country responsible for the deaths of many residents in the country. In 1990, more than 2000 people were killed and several hundreds were injured due to a 7.7 magnitude earthquake.

Everything about the 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake which hits Philippines

Due to the sheer power of the quake, a four storied building crashed down which was actually a supermarket as well as several other parts like Manila the capital of Philippines which was on the main northern island of Luzon. According to the officials of the search and rescue team, many were trapped and the broken concrete walls and houses which were decimated from the quake. Quite a few people were found dead as well as some lucky ones were still alive and were rushed to the hospital for medical aids and treatments. Many are still trapped or found missing. Sniff dogs are being used to sniff out people who are out of reach from the rescuers to find and identify the trapped.

More than 80 people were found injured and around 24 still missing. According to the US Geological Survey’s preliminary estimate that around 49 million people were exposed to the minor shaking of the quake where around 14 million people felt moderate shaking of the quake. Around 400 aftershocks were recorded, mostly were unfelt.

For the people who were trapped, rescue authorities inserted a large tube into the rubble to transfer oxygen in the hope for helping out the trapped. A man was pulled out by the rescuers who was trapped under the rubble of the collapsed market. Even in such hard times, saving at least one life is a moment of happiness and joy which was seen from the sparkling applause and cheers from the rescuers.

Due to the damage in the check-in counters, ceilings and some parts of the departure areas of the airport. Hence the airport was temporary closed and over 100 flights were canceled according to Jaime Melo (an Airport official) also adding that 7 people were injured due to the damage caused by the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Due to the force of the quake, a college building appeared to be tilted slightly sideways towards and adjacent building, hence closing the busy Manila Street which on which the tilted college building was standing. Not only the college building, almost all the buildings on the Manila Street like the schools, government offices like courts were closed until inspections of all the buildings were completed for safety purposes.

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