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Bangladesh Building Fire Massacre taking away 17 lives.

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Yesterday a terrible accident took place in Bangladesh taking 17 innocent lives and living more than 50 injured when a massive blaze of fire engulfed a 22-storied building in Dhaka’s Posh Banani area. The Bangladesh building fire massacre was struck in the capital of Bangladesh were recently over 70 people died due to another tragic accident caused by a massive blizzard of fire.

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The building where the incident occurred consisted of several garment shops, ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Hence when the massive blaze spread to the parts of the 22-storied building, many people were trapped inside as there was no options available for them to plan for an escape.

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According to the latest press releases, information came that about 17 people died and more than 50 people were injured in the Bangladesh Building Fire Massacre. Amongst them “Farman Ali” an officer-in-charge of Banani police station being a Sri Lankan national was one of the 17 dead people who jumped from the building to save his life from the blaze. Among the 17 dead, it is being said that around 6 of them died as they jumped from numerous floors of the 22-storied building for safety.

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Niras Chandra who was a Sri Lankan citizen was declared dead at Kurmitola General Hospital as he fell off the building trying to escape the massive fire in the Bangladesh Building Fire Massacre. Many other declared dead due to the same reason as of Niras Chandra, who fell off trying to save their lives. Many of them are still not identified due to the fire said by the officials. 3 more male victims were declared to be dead on arrival by the doctors of the United Hospital.

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A report came in saying that a 35-year student of Dhaka University was killed due to the extreme heat and smoke of the inferno. Many injured were declared dead where Amina Yasmin was one of them. More than 30 of the injured were taken to the nearest Government and Private hospitals for treatment stated by the officials amongst them many were critically injured.

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The Fire Department said that apart from the 21 firefighters, many Bangladesh Air Force helicopters and Navy Commandos teamed up to fight against the massive inferno. The fire department said that the fire erupted on the 8th floor and continued to move upward engulfing everything in its path, but they could not say what lead for the fire. In the event, around 5 helicopters were deployed to drop water on the building which created a huge layer of black smoke that ventilated outside of the windows and glass walls which were broke open by the fire officials to pass the toxic smoke out, helping those who were trapped inside.

After the fire had been successfully stopped, 20 members of the military team entered the building to salvage the trapped people with all the necessary equipment stated by the Fire Department Official.

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